Myra Roberts

Artist and social activist Myra Roberts applies her talent to images of vintage Florida as well as those of the perpetrators, victims and situations surrounding the Holocaust.

Myra Roberts: A world both bright and dark    

Yoga every day and a commitment that “for every two Holocaust-themed projects I start a happy vintage Florida one” are artist Myra Roberts’ keys to balance.

Her World War II-era historical paintings and sculptures are the yang to her Old Florida yin. The time period is the same. “Bathing Beauties” of Southwest Florida coexist with disturbing events that then were occurring in Europe, in Roberts’ creative mind and also in the physical space of her airy waterfront Sanibel Island home.

The mermaid on a seahorse sells. The portrait and quotation showing what Henry Ford was really like – a vocal anti-Semitist admired by Hitler – doesn’t sell but enlightens. And that’s very important to her.

When we visited, Roberts was fresh from the opening of an exhibit of mostly retro art at the Sanibel Public Library. She was readying her “social commentary art” about Polish Jews who hid in the woods for two years to show to talented young artists at a school in Delaware.

And propped on an easel awaiting her attention was a sketch of a painting-to-be: sisters at the beach, shelling on a sunny day.


Author: Anna Bejerano