‘Chateau’ needs a bit of work, U.K. couple finds

Ever dreamed of owning a bed & breakfast?

U.K. residents Dick Strawbridge and his partner, Angel, certainly did.

Beginning April 1, 2019, they decided to leave their two-bedroom apartment in Southend for the house of their dreams. It’s a 45-room chateau in northern France sitting on 12 acres of land and surrounded by a moat. The only problem is that it has no electricity or water, the moat is filled with sewage, and all manner of wildlife have decided to shack up in there as well.

Seasons 1-3 of Escape to the Chateau follow the spirited Strawbridge family as they get down and dirty to transform the barren husk of a property into a stunning estate in time for their wedding. With money in limited supply, Dick and Angel’s grand vision to build the perfect home and event space is a bold one. 

Throughout the three seasons, Dick and Angel frantically jump from project to project, from installing a heating system to decorating and furnishing every room, to taming the gardens, and raising chickens to name just a few. To make matters more stressful, they have two young children who will be starting school.

Check in with them on Mondays at 10 p.m. on WGCU.


Author: Dayna Harpster