Curious Gulf Coast

Curious Gulf Coast is a new series of short videos in which WGCU answers your questions. Hosted by Gabby Kadoo (that’s Gabby, pictured!), each video takes […]

Korean War Veterans

JOHN WELIVER (BORN 1930) A retired Fort Myers resident, Gunnery Sergeant John Weliver served in the United States Marine Corps during the Korean War. Deployed after the […]

Ricky Pires

Wings of Hope/Panther Posse Director Ricky Pires founded the environmental education program at Florida Gulf Coast University in 2000 and has educated thousands of elementary and college-age students […]

Steffanie Pearce

Esteemed performer Steffanie Pearce is general director of Gulfshore Opera, a diverse company that introduces the art form to all by being accessible and affordable. Her contributions to […]

Denise McNulty

Denise McNulty has applied her medical and teaching talents to establishing and accrediting nursing degree programs in two counties and educating hundreds of professionals each week. Denise […]

Sister Maureen Kelleher

Sister Maureen Kelleher, a Roman Catholic nun and immigration attorney, lobbied in Washington, D.C., before coming to Immokalee to assist working but poor undocumented immigrants gain […]

Annette Trossbach

What is the best business decision you have made? The best business decision, and at times the most challenging decision, has been letting a philosophy or ethical […]

Sharon Murphy

What is the best business decision you ever made? The best business decision I have ever made was to accept the challenge of putting the clinic together. […]