WGCU Birthday Club

Your WGCU Kids Birthday Club Family Membership supports the children’s programming your family depends on every day on WGCU HDTV. We all know that children don’t just watch television, they interact with it. Programs on WGCU HDTV invite children to learn, think, grow and laugh with the stories, characters, music, and vocabulary that cannot be found on any other station.

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Happy birthday to all of our Birthday Club Kids!

January Birthdays

Abby Bassett
Ireland Beckett
Rebecca Carlson
Elliot Corkhill
James Edson
Chloe Grace Gregware
Reese Hiller
Nicholas Houser
Everly Jesswein
James Henry Kux
Evangeline Letourneau
Briar Quigg
Liam Rasley
Jack Conrad Regets
Ava Marie Rusak
Stella Smith
Kenzie White


Anne Stavely
Community Outreach & Education

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