Plant the seed for peace of mind tomorrow

By preparing an estate plan, you’re safeguarding more than just matters of finances and inheritance, you’re also guiding future health decisions, providing for loved ones, and […]

Be an informed voter!

Join in on a Southwest Florida Townhall airing Thursday, Oct. 15 at 8 pm on WGCU PBS TV, WGCU FM, through live streaming on and […]

Robert finds friends at LARC

Pamela of LARC explains how the organization supports people including Robert with budgeting, banking, medical management and other aspects of life when they live independently. This […]

Randy finds friends at LARC

LARC teaches people with intellectual disabilities – often a reliable yet untapped workforce – to reach their fullest employment potential with job training. Randy works at […]

A special kind of gym

Kids on the autism spectrum can go to a sensory-adaptive gym in Fort Myers that’s safe and helpful for their conditions. This short video about We […]