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WGCU Birthday Club

Your WGCU Kids Birthday Club Family Membership supports the children's programming your family depends on every day on WGCU HDTV. We all know that children don't just watch television, they interact with it. Programs on WGCU HDTV invite children to learn, think, grow and laugh with the stories, characters, music and vocabulary that cannot be found on any other station.

WGCU welcomes you and your children or grandchildren to enjoy the benefits of the Kids Birthday Club, which includes:

· Special greetings and an age-appropriate book in the mail for their birthday
· A birthday greeting on WGCU aired the month of his or her birthday
· A birthday greeting on the WGCU Kids website

Contributions to WGCU of $75 or more entitle you to enter your children or grandchildren in the WGCU Kids Birthday Club.  Click below to make a contribution and sign them up! For more information, contact Member Services at 239-590-2361 or

*Note: Birthday information must be received at least two weeks prior to the month of the birthday in order for it to be announced on air. Birthday greetings air several times daily during our kids programming.


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Birthday Club Kids

March 2017 Birthday Club Kids

Last Updated by WGCU on

Happy birthday to all our Birthday Club kids : Jacob Neville, Andrew Cross, Ellie Burke, Constantine Thomas Belis, Michael Patterson, Joseph White, Lucas Langley, Cora Long, Jennivieve Planck

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January 2017 Birthday Club Kids

Last Updated by WGCU on

Happy Birthday to all of our January Birthday Club Kids: Declan Ireland, Katie Ireland, Jane Peck, Adler Cervio, Hollis Fields, Abby Bassett, Robbie Warden, Elliot Corkhill, Ava Marie Rusak, Gabriela Sissman, Dawson Finucan, Yaelle Marchante, K Sloan Holton, Nicholas Levine, Nicholas Houser, Coltyn Hasinski.

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December 2016 Birthday Club Kids

Posted by WGCU on

Happy Birthday to all of our December Birthday Club Kids: Dhruva Sharma, Zoe Anastasia Belis, Ava Fournier, Cheyenne Jacoby, Taggert J. Holton, James Delaney

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