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Estero Bay Projects

Estero Bay Agency on Bay Management

Negotiations over the permit issuance for the Florida Gulf Coast University led to a Settlement Agreement that called for the creation of the "Arnold Committee" and an assessment of overall land uses and natural systems, environmental protection and mitigation tools in the Estero Bay watershed. Upon completion of the Assessment and its adoption by the Arnold Committee in October of 1996, the Council established and began providing Staff support to the Estero Bay Agency on Bay Management (ABM).

Storm Drain Marking

The storm drain marking project is an outreach campaign of Keep Lee County Beautiful the water quality of Lee County’s waterways by alerting people that storm water entering the drains DOES NOT go to a waste treatment plant but empties DIRECTLY into the streams, rivers, lakes and bays. The markers are just one way to prevent trash and pollution from entering Lee County’s waterways.



Estero Bay Projects
Vester Marine Field Station is located just off Bonita Beach Road on Little Hickory Island along Fish Trap Bay, where the Imperial River empties into Estero Bay.

The property was once a commercial fish house, then an old Florida-style resort. Its mission statement:

To serve as a venue and base of operation for educational programs, community involvement and scholarly research that increases our understanding and promotes science-based stewardship of coastal watersheds, estuaries and Gulf of Mexico ecosystems, with special emphasis on the education of future scientists and scientifically literate citizens.


After retiring from the Army in 2001, Alan Kuhre, a member of the The Backcountry Fly Fishers of Naples, had his choice of anywhere in the country to live. The lure of the prime fishing waters on Estero Bay led him to choose Southwest Florida. 


Water Preservation

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Statewide Water Woes

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