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Special 3-day Radio Pledge Drive - June 5-7


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WGCU FM (90.1/91.7) will hold a special 3-day pledge drive from June 5- 7 and thanks to Naples Restaurant Week when you pledge your support to WGCU at the $125, $250, $500 levels or higher you will receive a $25, $50 or $100 gift certificate to one of more than 40 restaurants in Naples that are participating in Naples Restaurant Week. You can select the restaurant, but pledge early because we have limited numbers of gift certificates for each restaurant. You must use the gift certificate during Restaurant Weeks June 1 – 14 and you will enjoy a 3- course meal for $25 to $35 dollars.

Restaurant Week is a semiannual, 14-day event promotion that celebrates dining out at an affordable price. The Spring Edition is June 1 thru June 14 with 3 course prix fixe menus starting at $25 and $35. (*Not all restaurants have the $25 option) These custom menus can also include drink/wine pairings, additional courses and meal upgrades to dazzle the palate. The goal of Restaurant Week is to encourage increased traffic to the best local restaurants and to celebrate the wide array of cuisine available in Southwest Florida.

WGCU…NPR for Southwest Florida is your go-to news and information radio station to nourish your mind. Support WGCU during our June radio drive and you can nourish your body too. Pledge your support by calling 1.800.533.9428 or clicking the donate button above.

Click here to see a list of participating restaurants.


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