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Curious Kids

WGCU Public Media premiered Curious Kids in the spring of 2011. As the only public broadcasting TV program in Florida starring kids and for kids, Curious Kids quickly became a big hit in Southwest Florida. Under the direction of international children’s educator /singer/songwriter, Rosie Emery, dozens of kids from Southwest Florida have starred in this award-winning program. WGCU has produced 14 Curious Kids programs featuring more than 140 segments highlighting:

My Self

Healthy eating, exercise and self-esteem

My Backyard

The world of Southwest Florida from an environmental and historical perspective

My World

Exploring the people, places and ecology of Southwest Florida and discovering characteristics shared with countries across the world. 

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Lakes, Rivers & Estuaries

As water flows from Lake Okeechobee down the Caloosahatchee River into the Charlotte Harbor estuaries and the Gulf of Mexico, it interacts with the health and wellbeing of all the ecosystems along the way. Curious Kids Jaden and Sophie spend a day with a Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Biologist to learn about Lake Okeechobee’s 6,000-year-old history.

Andrew, Sierra and Ava discover how frogs and plants play an important role in keeping our coastal waters clean when they meet up with Florida Gulf Coast University’s Professor Win Everham at Corkscrew Regional Ecosystem Watershed.

Jaden’s mom shares some quick and easy cleaning product recipes that refresh their home without harming the environment. Finally, a trip to meet Representative Heather Fitzenhagen gives Jamie some ideas for civic engagement on water quality and Sophie discovers how the Naples Botanical Garden is one big ‘rain garden’.

The Curious Kids follow water as it flows from Lake Okeechobee down to the Gulf of Mexico.

Curious Kids Videos



Join the Curious Kids as they explore unusual career options with some fascinating people.

STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math)

STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math)

The Curious Kids see how Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math are woven together.



The Curious Kids discover different ways people volunteer their time in Southwest Florida.

Curious Kids Wins A Suncoast Emmy!

We're proud to announce that Curious Kids has won a NATAS Suncoast Chapter Emmy Award for the segment "What is a Watershed?" 

WGCU Public Media partnered with the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program (CHNEP) to produce "What is a Watershed?” to educate kids in Southwest Florida's coastal region. The segment features the Curious Kids exploring questions adults often can’t answer – what is a watershed? What is an estuary? Where does the watershed begin? How does water travel to the estuary? If you live inland, do you still affect the estuary? The focus is on interconnections between inland and coastal communities. The “evergreen” video segment premiered in a Curious Kids TV episode in December 2014 and continues to air as an interstitial 20 times/year. 

The Director of Hardee County Outdoor Classroom, Kayton Nedza meets up with Jaden, Natalie and Nicole on the banks of the Peace River to help them better understand what a watershed is, where it begins and where it ends. Andrew and Sierra head down to Bunche Beach in Fort Myers to meet Educator Susie Hassett and a team of Lee County student volunteers. They meet some of the marine animals that are dependent on a healthy estuary and learn what needs to be done to help keep the water clean.
CAST: Nicole, Natalie, Jaden, Sierra, Jamie and Andrew
Writer/Producer Rosie Emery; Videographer/Editor Corey Morrison; Videographer Tim Kenney; Editors Brian Price, Antonio Rodriguez; Creative Director Susanna Wohlpart; Production Manager Sheri Coleman; Production Assistant Adam Tardif; Executive Producer Barbara Linstrom. Produced in partnership with Maran Hilgendorf, CHNEP.

Curious Kids

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