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WGCU Community Campaign

Listen. Support. Give.

It's the third annual community-oriented radio pledge drive on WGCU FM designed to raise money for public radio programming and raise awareness for our fellow nonprofit organizations.

The live on air drive starts Sat. Sept. 10 and goes through Fri. Sept. 16. During those 61 hours, we’re asking nonprofits to come to our radio studio and pitch on air in support of WGCU Public Media.

Listeners, members and fans will be invited to donate to WGCU on behalf of their favorite nonprofits to help them earn radio spots on WGCU. 

How it works:
For every $1,000 raised for WGCU (directly attributed to the nonprofit), the nonprofit receives 28 promotional spots on WGCU-FM to be used anytime in the following year. The more dollars raised the more promotional spots earned. As these nonprofits can tell you, this is a critical marketing opportunity for many organizations who might have very slender marketing budgets. This is WGCU’s way to help without breaking FCC guidelines which prevent us from fundraising for other nonprofit organizations.

But don't wait for the on-air drive, begin your support and help your two favorite nonprofits RIGHT NOW!

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WGCU Community Campaign